Hilton Head Island

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Welcome to Hilton Head Island!

This lively greeting expresses our fond sentiment to all who come to our Island paradise. But are these words reflected in the initial view that greets our visitors?

At first, as you roll over the bridges leading to our beautiful isle, you are immediately enamored by the sparkling waters of Calibogue Sound. And you soon encounter the lovely entrance to Windmill Harbour. But as you ride a little further along William Hilton Parkway, something about the landscape is missing – the magnificent beauty of all sorts of trees, shrubs, groundcovers, and fountains we’ve come to expect elsewhere on the Island.

Perhaps this aspiration was best expressed by the late 
Charles Fraser, the genius responsible for first planning Hilton Head Island's development in the modern era. About this he subsequently concluded:

The Hilton Head Island Welcome Sign as it appears today.

"It's a vastly better place than I dared hope would happen in terms of its quality and visual beauty .... It was simply a reflection of my father and my mother and my brother and my conviction that man is a steward of the land -- and that we should protect the land and preserve the land -- that we were on this earth as stewards of God's earth, that we were to enjoy it and dress it and keep it and maintain it and leave the world in as good a place or better for having lived here."

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